Mediation is a form of alternative dispute resolution designed to avoid the uncertainty and cost of litigation. Mediation, in essence, is a facilitated negotiation, and, unlike litigation or arbitration, it does not involve a decision-maker other than the parties themselves. 

The Panel of Trademark Mediators focuses on trademark disputes and its members are experts in trademark law and litigation from around the globe. In mediation, one of these experts meets in a confidential setting with the parties in an effort to help them find a business resolution/settlement of the dispute without the need for judicial intervention. Often the disputes involve resolution of issues on a global basis.

What Is Mediation: In Depth

Panel of Trademark Mediators focus on the parties’ interest in resolving trademark, trade dress and unfair competition disputes, along with any other ancillary intellectual property, contract or commercial issues. Members of the Panel of Trademark Mediators are experts in trademark law and litigation, as well as in multiple negotiation techniques, from around the globe. 

What Mediation Is Not

Steps of Mediation

Timing of Mediation

Mediation Compared to Other Forms of Dispute Resolution
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